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A Peel-wide hackathon for students to compete, collaborate and learn. Join over 100 students from all around the Peel Region and turn a special idea into your very own hack!

Any students enrolled in a Peel region high-school (including DPCSB) are eligible to participate in hack::peel.

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$20,076 in prizes

First place prize

$400 cash + $500 worth of DigitalOcean credits

Second place prize

$200 cash + $250 worth of DigitalOcean credits

Third place prize

$100 cash + $250 worth of DigitalOcean credits

Runner up prize (2)

$250 worth of DigitalOcean credits

Participant API and software tokens (109)

API and software access to help you create your projects

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Gaurav Juneja

Gaurav Juneja
Vice President Consulting Services @ CGI

Ritesh S.

Ritesh S.
Director, Consultant @ CGI Banking and Financial Services

Daniel G.

Daniel G.
Project Manager & SAP Senior Consultant

Ruyi L.

Ruyi L.
SWE @ Freshbooks | BCS/BBA @ UWaterloo

Alexandr S.

Alexandr S.
Frontend Engineer – AliExpress

Ethan P.

Ethan P.
SWE @ BitGo | CS @ University of Waterloo

Raymond L.

Raymond L.
Founder & CEO @ EdgePrim | SWE @ Playstation | Sysadmin @ UW CSC

Judging Criteria

  • Implementation
    Is the project's design clear, effective, and well-executed? Is it easy to use?
  • Impact
    Does the project have feasible real-world applications? How widely useful and impactful is the project?
  • Innovation
    Is the project original and creative? Does it explore unique ideas?

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